Healing manual

Healing the sick

A manual on how to get Devine healing and how to heal the sick like Jesus instructed us.


Why a healing manual?

God is waiking up christians all over the world for the fact that healing is part of the devine atonement of Jesus. Jesus paid for the sin and diseases for ALL people with his life/ blood and stripes (torture).

The result is that everybody have access to amazing benefits that have more values than we can ever imagine.

In this manual we will discuss questions like:

  • The origin of sin and sickness
  • The Biblical foundation for healing
  • It's the will of God to heal you
  • Sickness and disease is your enemy
  • How to receice devine healing - See Healing prayer
  • How to heal the sick
  • How to prevent the sickness from coming back
  • How to combat unbelief
  • Healing and miracles in evangelism
  • How to prepare for healing ministry
  • Healings in the New Testament table

Is devine healing nessesary in todays modern world?

In spite of all modern research and tecnology, there have never been so much sickness and diseases in the world as it is today. In most cases the doctors can not cure the reason for sickness and diseases. The symtoms of many diseases can only be reduced and controlled as long as a person are using the medicine given by the doctor.

Healing of the body - a natural part of life for the first disiples

For the first / disiples/ christians, healing of the body were as natural as salvation for the soul. Healing were not only performed by the apostles or other leaders, but most christians were practising healing on a regular basic.

The reaction of the modern church in meeting with the sick

When the sick person ask for prayer for their sickness in the church, there is a mix reaction. Some churches does not believe that God is healing any more. Other churches do pray for the sick person when they ask for it out of obligation.

Churches in general does not see healing and miracles. So they make up explanations that can cover up the fack that they:

  • Do not have the power to heal the sick
  • Do not know the Biblical background about healing
  • Do not know how to practice healing

My prayer for you

It is my prayer that through this manual you will not only get an understanding of the Biblical foundation for devine healing, but also are set in fire by The Holy Spirit. I pray that the result of this fire in your soul will couse you to start seaking people that needs healing for their spirit, soul and body.

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This manual is in Arabic language.

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Healing prayer
The origin of sin and sickness

Jesus paid for it ALL

Jesus paid for ALL my sin and diseases, and there is NOTHING I can add to that. It's a FREE gift.

But if I want the blessing, power and healing flowing through MY LIFE from God, there is a price I must pay. But compare with not having it, it's a LIGHT BURDEN.

Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” Matthew 11:29-30